General Product Information

  • Sikaflex 11FC is a 1 part polyurethane, moisture curing, elastic joint adhesive
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Sikaflex 11FC must be used for expansion joints
  • Solvent free and odourless and very low emission
  • Sikaflex 11FC has a non sag consistency
  • Sikaflex 11FC is available in 300ml cartridges for easy joint application

   Expansion Joint Preparation

• Expansion joints must be 5mm between pieces – never butt joint pieces
• Ensure surface is clean and dry and all loose particles and dust removed
• The surface must be clean from oils, fat or any other contaminations
• Masking tape must be used on joint lines to ensure neat joint lines are obtained


• Insert cartridge into sealant gun and insert gun nozzle into the bottom of the joint – fill the entire joint
• Ensure Sikaflex 11FC is firmly applied against both joint sides to ensure good adhesion
• Fill the joint avoiding air entrapment – avoid overlapping to prevent trapping air
• Smoothen with a spatula and water with 1-2 drops of sunlight liquid
• Tip: Use your finger to smoothen the Sikaflex 11FC with the sunlight liquid to get smoothest finish
Remove the masking tape once the joint fill has cured

   Coverage (all approximate)


  • Acetone cannot be used on the Sikaflex 11FC joint as this will cause the joint sealant to become tacky (sticky).
  • Use turpentine and take care not to use over joint sealer.
  • Kwela products can be cleaned with Easy Clean, Sikaflex 11FC will set within 24 – 48 hours.
  • Full cure is within 28 days

   Importance Notice on Sikaflex 11FC

• Colour deviations may occur in areas exposed to full sun however this will not affect the performance or durability of Sikaflex 11FC
• For Natural Stone installations please contact your Kwela Supplier


If in any doubt on how to install, do not install the product
Contact your stockist for assistance
Once the products are installed no refunds, credits or returns can be entertained

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