General Product Information

– Kwela products are handmade products cast in resin, marble dust, pigments, sand and oxides.
– Kwela Products have been tested and have less than 0.27% Porosity.
– Kwela Mosaics are available on a 300x300mm and also 100x330mm mosaic sheets.
– The products are suitable for floors and walls (including pools).
– Slight shading and colour variation is a natural feature of the product. New batches may differ.
– The products are tumbled and therefore creating an aged looked.

   Application / Installation

– The mesh on the product does not assist in the adhesion process and the mosaics must be firmly bedded using Mosaic Fix.
– The backs of the mosaic sheets must be clean and dry.
– The products must not be contaminated with dust or powder.
– The installation of the products must be done in one operation in order to provide a strong installation.
– Mosaic Fix is to be used as the adhesive and grout.
– The products must be firmly bedded into the adhesive to ensure good contact between the adhesive and mosaics.
– Wipe all excess adhesive from mosaics.




NB: Pebbles, Stones & Roundies sheets can be customised up to 2mx2m.

– The sheets are laid as is, no adjustments to the pebbles, stones & roundies on the sheet required (Diagram A).
– INTERLOCKING/FLOWING EFFECT – the pebbles, stones & roundies are glued onto the mesh and therefore can be turned/adjusted to interlock with the adjoining sheet (Diagram B).
– This eliminates the lines between the sheet creating a more flowing look.

  Cleaning of the product

– Easy Clean can be used to clean the product after installation
– Do not scrub the mosaics or use harsh chemicals.


– Apply 2 coats Deep Seal as per sealant instructions.
– To be repeated every 3 to 4 years.


If in any doubt on how to install, do not install the product
Contact your stockist for assistance
Once the products are installed no refunds, credits or returns can be entertained

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Kwela® was inspired by the desire to create products of timeless beauty. Individually hand crafted and creating uniqueness to be experienced by people who cherish the beauty of their living space.

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