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–  Kwela products are handmade products cast in resin, marble dust, pigments, sand and oxides Porosity of 0.27%.
–  Slight shading and colour variation is a natural feature of the product. New batches may differ.
–  These are reconstituted marble products suitable for all walls.
–  These products can be fixed using normal rapid set tile adhesive.
–  For very heavy items, or where the listello may be subjected to load, we recommend the use of a latex based admixture.
–  Care must be taken to avoid soiling the surface of the listellos with tile adhesive.
–  Note that listellos from the “carved” ranges are only available in certain sizes, with repetitive patterns. This pattern should dictate the spacing between listellos.
–  Avoid stretching the grout joints to match the tile size – rather butt joint the listellos if necessary to create a more pleasing horizontal flow.
–  Due to the textured nature of some of these products the SELECTION AND APPLICATION OF GROUT IS VERY IMPORTANT, as the final appearance may be significantly affected.
–  We recommend testing of a small section.
–  We suggest that grout is applied lightly to the entire surface of the listello to enhance the design.
–  The filling of pitting and holes will make maintenance and cleaning easier. On listellos that feature deep recesses a stiff bristled brush should be used for the application and removal of excess grout.
–  After installation the listellos may be cleaned with a diluted acid solution or Grout Off to remove grout residue.
–  Thereafter clean with Easy Clean. Avoid harsh chemicals.


If in any doubt on how to install, do not install the product
Contact your stockist for assistance
Once the products are installed no refunds, credits or returns can be entertained

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