Copings Guide

Technical Information

   General Product Information

Kwela products are handmade products cast in resin, marble dust, pigments, sand and oxides with a porosity of 0.27% (CSIR tested).
Slight shading and colour variation is a natural feature of the product. New batches may differ.

   Substrate Preparation

– Surfaces should be sound & LEVEL and provide adequate strength to support the intended use of Sikaflex 11FC.
– All substrates (as well as Kwela products & surfaces) must be clean, dust free & dry.
– All coatings must be completely removed & the substrate MUST be sound.
– Dense powder floated surfaces are to be scabbed or acid etched to open up the surface and allow adhesion.
Damp Substrates – Apply Sikagard 720 Epocem at a 2mm thickness & leave to cure for 24 hours.
Dry Substrates that may become wet later – These are to be primed with Sika Primer 3N. The Sika Primer 3N is left   for 1 hour to dry & the Sikaflex 11FC is to be applied within 18 hours.
Fibreglass Substrates – This is to be lightly abraded with a scotch brite pads & then wiped cleaned Acetone &   left to flash off for 40 minutes.
Submerged Joints – Sikasil pool is a chemically resistant silicone & is to be used for these joints.

  Application & Installation

  1. Once the substrate is sound, apply the Sikaflex 11FC with a 4mm notched trowel and bed firmly, so that a 2 mm layer of adhesive (optimal strength) is attained.
  2. A putty knife can be used to spread the adhesive 3mm thick and again, when bedded will give a 2mm spread. Place the Kwela product in place and apply pressure using masking tape.
  3. There must be expansion joints of 5mm between pieces and DO NOT butt joint.
  4. Sikaflex 11FC must be used as the joint sealant. Incorrectly positioned products can be removed and repositioned in the first few minutes after installation.
  5. Make sure that before filling the joint, you apply masking tape on either side of the joint.
  6. Insert cartridge into sealant gun and insert gun nozzle to the bottom of the joint. Fill the entire joint.
  7. Ensure Sikaflex 11FC is firmly applied against both joint sides to ensure good adhesion.
  8. Fill the joint, avoiding air entrapment, and avoid overlapping to prevent trapping air.
  9. Smooth with a spatula and water with 1-2 drops of sunlight liquid.
  10. Remove the masking tape once the joint fill has cured.



  1. Care must be taken not to damage, scratch, stain or mark the Kwela products, as full curing occurs after 14 days.
  2. Care must be taken to clean Kwela products as soon as possible with turpentine. DO NOT USE ACETONE.
  3. Clean products with Easy Clean and rinse with clean water.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Deep Seal as per instructions.
  5. Sikaflex 11FC will set after 24-48 hours (temperature sensitive).
  6. Sikaflex 11FC full cure is after 28 days.


  1. Sikaflex products are to be treated with care – if sensitive towards Sikaflex products, avoid exposure.
  2. In the event of skin contact, wash well with soap and water.
  3. In the event of contact with the eyes or ingestion, seek immediate medical assistance.


If in any doubt on how to install, do not install the product
Contact your stockist for assistance
Once the products are installed no refunds, credits or returns can be entertained

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